History of Court Hall

The history of the house dates back to the 1830's when it was built as the weekend country retreat of Richard Sommers Gard who later became the Conservative MP for Exeter.  He was also a very wealthy Exeter and London Banker and financier.

It was Gard, who, with William Morris Snr. and severel City stockbrokers, set up a consortium for mining copper.  The company was initially named Wheal Maria after the Duke of Bedford's wife.  The first shaft dug was named Gard's shaft, here rich deposits were found and a succession of other mines were opened.  The Devonshire Great Consolidated Copper Mining Co., or Devon Great Consols (as it was usually called) was registered as a joint stock company on 25th March 1845, and was the world's most profitable copper mine.

The painting below is of Richard Sommers Gard which is held in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter.  A plaque at the entrance of the building states that Gard donated the land that the museum is built upon.

In the village of Monkton he donated land for the building of the school for the education of children and the farmers.  The school and school house are now the village hall and a private dwelling.